Leave Nothing to Chance….

Cancer affects everyone; those diagnosed, their families, friends, community and workplace.  When it comes to babies, children and young adults, no one is comfortable with the reality these kids face upon diagnosis. 

As investigators, we know that it is important to do the research necessary to determine the best course of action.  When the funding for such research is limited, the results are also limited.  It’s important to follow leads and search possibilities that could potentially lead to greater results.  That’s why we are teaming up with St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help raise money for more effective treatments and potential cures for over 200 childhood cancers.

For aVeriFact, it’s personal… 

October 6th, 2016 - co-owner, Sandra Lovett-Tillman, got the call while at the office advising of her son's (Devon, age 19) diagnosis and estimated life expectancy of 1 year.  Devon was immediately admitted to Children’s Hospital; and thus, began an 11-month journey into the Cancer world.  It quickly became apparent that Sandra’s place was with Devon as he navigated the ins & outs of cancer treatment.  Chemotherapy, Radiation, IVs, Scans, Blood/Platelet transfusions, not to mention multiple Doctor/Clinic visits, Hospital admits, and Tests became the priority to fight Devon’s cancer and give him the best chance for survival. 

Our aVeriFact team rallied under the direction of co-owner, Sheri LeGeaux, to take care of the day-to-day functions of the business.  We knew this would be a marathon rather than a sprint and the entire team stepped up to support Sandra by doing their part to ensure the continued operation of the company.  By June, 2017, Devon’s tumors had metastasized, and he died 3 months later. Sandra and Sheri are grateful for the support from our team and our clients.  When the going got tough, aVeriFact got tougher! 

Devon lived his motto, “Leave Nothing to Chance”.  He did all he could to fight Ewing’s Sarcoma; as did his team of doctors at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans.  More research is necessary, and we will “Leave Nothing to Chance” either.  Please join us in raising funds for St. Baldrick’s Foundation today!