Financial and Background investigations are our specific niche services as we provide higher quality findings than database resources due to our "hands on investigations" by our licensed Private Investigators.  We can quickly ascertain what makes sense for your particular situation and get you the information necessary to determine how to proceed (or not) with your deal!  We provide a preliminary findings summary within 24-48 hours and our finalized investigation report is forwarded upon completion, typically within 10-15 business days.

While we do work with clients that require an FDIC Government Security Clearance, we are not limited to that alone.  We work with Asset Based Lenders, SBA Lenders, Commercial/Corporate Finance, Attorneys, Staffing and Franchises.  No subscriptions, no contracts.  You get what you need, tailored to your specific requirements/situation and we're just a call or e-mail away!  

Don't roll the dice on unconfirmed data, get the facts with aVeriFact!


Pre-Lending, Pre-Qualification & Credit Background Investigations

aVeriFact starts a search where others end theirs!  Database is a typical starting point; however, direct investigations by a licensed private investigation agency will often yield surprising results. Incomplete or inaccurate findings can cost far more than the cost of a direct search.  Knowing the facts now enables you to craft the best strategy for moving forward on your deal.  Surprises are nice, but not when it's too late to make adjustments  and save a deal or it winds up costing you money!

We do not rely on the use of “database” alone as our primary source of information as it can often times lack recent transactions and filings as not all counties report public filings to databases.  Our investigators actively search via direct means, database, public record sources at the local, state, and federal levels in order to provide you with with all information available and pertinent to your search purpose,

aVeriFact's  due diligence search products provide the best background check service to evaluate Subjects.  Whether it's as a borrower, strategic partner, supplier or vendor, aVeriFact searches for the current, verified facts necessary to protect your interests.    We incorporate a personal background check into our more comprehensive searches, rather than relying on standard database or self-reported sources. to ensure greater accuracy.

Due Diligence Search