Database searches are convenient and cost less; however, frequently require a subscription to access.  Findings are derived from information that is reported to that particular database at various intervals.  Database DOES NOT VERIFY the data submitted.  Many Local and State offices (for example, Louisiana) do NOT report their findings to standard database services which can lead to a false sense of security when reporting “no find” on items such as criminal background information.  (A “No Find” simply reports that there is no information in the database to report….not that there is no record elsewhere.)

 Database/Direct Search gives you the best of both worlds; however, it takes longer to conduct and will cost more than a generic database report.   aVeriFact, LLC takes the guess work out of the reported findings by cross referencing applicable database against actual documented findings from the appropriate sources.  No more relying on “What You See Is What You Get” or “Self-Reported” data.  aVeriFact researches and confirms findings so you know what potential risk is associated with moving forward.

Economic and Reputational losses due to just one lapse could cover the cost of dedicating time and resources to appropriately identify potential risk from the beginning. 

Don’t be the “weak link” by cutting costs at the expense of accuracy. 






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Database vs Database/Direct Search

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