Asset & Liability Search packages:

  • Limited Asset
  • Public Record
  • Standard Asset & Liability
  • Comprehensive Asset & Liability
  • Nationwide Asset
  • Nationwide Asset, Stock & Brokerage

We realize that "one size does not fit all"!  We'll craft the most cost-effective search recommendations based upon your situation!


Our licensed Private investigators work diligently to pull information from a wide range of resources, including various databases, internet, media, Federal/State/County, Public Records and interviews.  They also identify what other resources that should be tapped for those areas that require a physical presence in order to obtain needed information on the Subject.

Once the investigator compiles the latest verified findings, then our credit/investigation analysts go to work to pull all the preliminary findings together, cross reference to ensure all information relates to the correct Subject.    Like a puzzle, we have to ensure that all pieces are identified and fit together to present the current financial and background position of the individual or company Subject prior to submitting to our administrative group for finalization.

Recovery/Workout/Litigation Background Investigations

Our search products are unique.

When you need to locate assets & liabilities that may influence the direction you choose to pursue on a recovery, we find the facts necessary to plot the best course of action. We do not rely on the use of “database” alone as our primary source of information as it can often times lack recent transactions and filings as not all counties report public filings to databases. We provide Domestic & International searches.